Friday, February 27, 2009

ATL 3-Day

So, apparently I am going to walk 60 miles in three days! My girl, Shannon and I along with some other of our friends (don't make me call you girls out!) are descending up on the ATL (not so much Shannon as she lives there) to do the Susan G. Komen 3-Day.

I'm doing this for a couple of reasons. One of them is that I am a fan of boobs and pecs. I like my own girls...they serve me well and I don't want to have to lop them off because of cancerous interlopers. I appreciate a well sculpted chest on a guy and don't want them harmed by the cancer either.

The main reason why I am walking is for my cousin Denise. When ever I go to visit my dad, I have to walk past her. She died way too young, she was only 40, and at a time when having cancer meant curtains for you.

So help me out if you can...I know times are hard all the way around. I'm not looking for any huge donations, although I will gleefully take them. I'm hoping to $20 dollar this thing to pieces, 115 pieces at that.

I will be updating how things are going. One doesn't just set off to walk 20 miles a day for three days...apparently it requires training. The training stories should be fairly funny as the bulk of my training will fall during the busiest time of my work year.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I am a bad blogger!

I have a stupid reminder on Outlook to remind myself to update my blog and I still forget to do it.

I "survived" last week's Operations Manager classes. I'm not really sure that I made any friends with my fellow classmates, but I am OK with that. I made it all the way until Thursday until I risked more by keeping my yap shut than I did opening it..which was impressive for me. I had a meltdown over the fact that the people in my company somehow think that Operations in the "Holy Grail" of positions to aspire to and we as a company do very little to dissuade people of that thought. The company that I work for today is very different from the company that I was hired to work for...It is a mixed bag and something I need to reconcile for myself.

The good news is that despite said meltdown I am still the commodity most desired by Ops but unless some glaring wholes are addressed with their plans to open the 60 centers "Big Corporate" has mandated for us to open...once again we are the only division that is growing...I have no desire to leave the job I currently have and love. It would take massive amounts of money to make me even consider it as it would require me to move; and I know that no one is going to throw that much cash my way. Good to know that some things never change!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Last Week...

...was an excellent one. I have to say that I am really enjoying not traveling for work...although that ends tomorrow.

I actually did work this week...well at least 3 days. I went down to Columbus on Wednesday to watch the first World Cup Qualifier of the CONCACAF Hexagonal. It was US v Mexico. It is the second such match that I have seen in person and once again it didn't disappoint. The US Soccer Federation picked Columbus as they hoped it would be all mid-western and frigid. Alas, it was unseasonably warm and tornado warning-y with biblical rains. Regardless of the weather the US won 2-nil. I went to the match with my cousin Kath and her family...3 year old in tow.

Thursday, I had lunch with my friend Cat, whom I haven't seen in forever as we both have lives that have taken us here, there, and everywhere. You know you've got yourself a top shelf friend, Johnnie Walker Blue top shelf, when you can go 7 years without seeing each other and when you get together it feels like you saw each other last week. Good stuff.

Friday was the Tremont Art Walk. My friend KateLynn had an opening. She is such a talented person...bordering on really unfair how talented she is. The space was really cool, her paintings were amazing, and good times were had by all.

This week has the potential to such major ass. I am at HQ all this week for Operations training...a position that at the moment I have limited desire to do anytime soon. It will be very interesting to see what percentage of the training is propaganda and what percentage is actually things that people need to know. I am also severely hacked at the fact that all of my evenings appear to have been hijacked with I am going to have to haul my anti-morning ass out of bed early to be able to get some exercise in. Must remind myself that this is good for my career and to get my mouth shut when I notice that the emperor has no clothes on.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Traveling for Myself...

...what a novel concept.

I've been MIA because I have taken some time out to vacation a little bit....which somehow always seems to end up involving family stuff. Two weeks ago, I was in Texas for my cousin Bob's wedding to my lovely, new cousin Debbie. It was a crazy, big, fat Polish wedding...but it was fun times a good to see my mom and my Aunt Terri and my Uncle Bob.

Last week I was in Atlanta, who knew I could go there and not work, to see my brother. He was in the country for a class that the makers of some program he uses in Japan was putting on. It was excellent to see him...I haven't seen him since last March. He's doing well and the boys have really taken to living in Japan and are doing well in school as well. It was fun to get to hang out.

This week I am taking a field trip to Columbus to watch the US v Mexico World Cup Qualifier. I am meeting up with my cousin Kathy and her will be her daughter's first WCQ, she's 3. On Thursday I am catching up with one of my favorite people for lunch. So, it will be a great week...if I can survive tomorrow's 2 hour conference call.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hooray Extortion!!!

I have managed to finally score a business trip worth having...I am spending the week in Key West.

When I left Cleveland it was 20 degrees and had snowed another inch or three. When my flight landed the pilot apologized for the cooler was 70.

I'm looking forward to this week. I'm subbing in a center where the director has quit. All I am going to do is write some programs, help some kids, and leave at a very reasonable time all three days I am working this week.

It may be strange but I am looking forward to getting to wog (jogging/walking hybrid) outside. I miss getting exercise in the outdoors. My hotel is on the main gulf-side drag and is possessed of massive sidewalks along the water. There will be daily outside movement.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Where I am... in a massive rut. It's that way on all of life's fronts. Pretty sad when one thinks about and I've been thinking about it all day...which may explain why I have take at least two naps today.

I think the work rut is about to give once I get back from Key West. Boss man and I have had a rather candid conversation about how the traveling has to give or I will take every Wednesday off for as long as my vacation time lasts.

Personal life rut is in direct correlation to work rut. Hard to have one when you aren't home for longer that Friday night to either Sunday afternoon of Monday morning.

Project "Shrinking Amazon" is also taken a turn for the nothing is happening. I've been playing with the same five pounds for the past six weeks. I haven't been working out like I am accustomed to...see work rut. The solution is pretty simple. I need to quit eating when I'm bored/not hungry and move my flat Polish ass more.

None of this is 'Rocket Surgery" but it kind of feels like it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Neither Lost Nor Dead...

...I promise. Life has just been super crazy.

I spent almost all of December on the road. Some of it was covering for others who aren't as talented at their job as I am...yeah I said it! There was some traveling for my actual job...who knew. The surprising trip was that one trip was actually dedicated to career advancement...apparently I am capable of making smart work decision and not just smart ass ones.

I did make it home for Christmas. It was a mixed bag. It was excellent to see my mom and actually get a chance for just the two of us to hang out...I also got to introduce her Kohls. However, my Gran's Alzheimer's is progressing rapidly...she was markedly worse from when I was home for Thanksgiving. It is just a sad situation for all parties involved

I'm on the road all of this month. This week and next week in Georgia. Then I'm off to Key West for the week...I'm working in the center down there Tuesday-Thursday, but because I have one of the world's best bosses I'm flying down Sunday and leaving late Friday. Good looking out for a girl.

I'm putting a reminder on Outlook to remind me to check in at least once a week...that way Victoria doesn't have to threaten to haul her pregnant self and 75% of the Fantastic Four to form a search party.